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Gallery of Residential Seating Walls
/Fire Pits/Pergolas

Seating walls, fire pits and pergolas are additional features that accentuate any patio, garden or walkway. These structures add beauty and class to your patio area, and give the home a stunning finishing touch. Whether it's a fire pit for roasting marshmallows, a seating wall to cozy up to the fire pit or a finely constructed pergola providing shelter and shade to a length of walkway, these additional structures personalize your landscape and make it uniquely your own. Jonathan Allen Landscape Company can design and construct nearly any garden or patio element you can dream of. From seating walls to fire pits to pergolas, our specialty services will provide a unique finishing touch that will make your landscape from all others.

  Residential Custom Seating Walls


Seating walls are a prefect addition to an outside patio. The idea is to create a small wall around the desired structure in order to create a natural looking bench to sit on. Its installation requires a concrete footing for support as well as a flagstone cap to procure a smooth surface where to sit. Other than that, almost every type of stone is suitable to create the wall itself. These types of walls improve the design of any patio and can be further improved by adding small columns at each end of the wall.
  Residential Custom Fire Pits

Outdoor fire pits are often a smaller part of an outdoor patio, pond, or sitting area. As a design element fire pits are usually very ornamental and can be applied in most landscaping ideas as focal points. Outdoor fire pits are available in a wide array of styles and designs. An outdoor fire pit can be as basic or as opulent as you choose, but they provide a commanding focal point for a backyard area. They may be wood or gas-burning. The choice is yours!

  Residential Custom Pergolas
Pergolas are outdoor structures providing beautiful overheads or roofs for shade, vines, low-level lighting or outdoor ceiling fans constructed of wood, steel, iron or pipe creating intimacy. An arbor is smaller in size usually designed as an entryway feature within landscapes. pergolas add an element of interest to a yard or garden by drawing the eye upward. Whether functional or ornamental, there are many ways you can utilize this structure to enhance your landscape design.

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/Fire Pits/Pergolas

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